Cassiopée Applied Solutions (CAS) is an innovative Swiss Life Science company, founded in 2017 by an international team with over 30 years' passion and experience in academic research, financial and commercial work. 

We are a commercial spinoff of the Lausanne based academic CAMPsyN research centre and was established with a clear mission to provide innovative data-driven solutions for professionals facing increased competition, new technologies, changing demands for more personalised quality care to cost efficiency.

From Sports, Medical to Social care we envisioned the need to develop valuable customer solutions with more control and acuity and take advantage of years of research in Mathematics, Psychiatry and Neuroscience of behavioural monitoring and preventive systems that would be able to interface with wearables sensors and IoT.

Our data-driven solutions are supported by our unique proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence that harness and structure our customer's endless Big Data to Smart Data. 

With our solutions professionals are now better equipped to embrace the growing demand for smarter prevention, diagnose, drive for more effective monitoring and treatment.