Meet the unique and successful international team behind Cassiopée Applied Solutions, a combined team by highly experienced members from the academic, research and commercial sectors. All with the dedicated vision to enhance and improve our partners performances in serving their players and patients in a efficient and effective ways.


Prof. Dr. Petr Kloucek, Founder & CSO

Petr co-founder and Chief Science officer of Cassiopee Applied Solutions oversee our scientific functions applied research projects, as well as the development of our new processes, technologies and solutions.

Petr has over thirty years within the field of applied, computational and numerical mathematics, materials science and biomedical research. His current active research focuses on the design, analysis and micro-fabrication of nano-scale actuators. He has produced over ninety publications as the main author, and holds several patents. He has received three awards for his scientific work awarded by the Academy of Sciences of United States.

Jorgen Rauberg.jpg

Jorgen Rauberg, Founder & CEO

Jorgen, the co-founder serves as our Chief Executive Officer since the initiation of Cassiopée Applied Solutions (CAS). Jorgen are managing the development of our corporate business & financial strategies and plans ensuring alignment off our operations and business activities produces high quality and value-added product and services to our customers and stakeholders.

Jorgen brings a great financial acumen and extensive track record from the financial sector.

Ole Rauberg.jpg

Ole W. Rauberg, PARTNER  & CMO

As Chief Marketing Officer for Cassiopee Applied Solutions, Ole is responsible for sales strategy & development and partnerships with clients in Sports, Medical and Social, market research, brand & product marketing, advertising & media.

Ole possesses over twenty years work with principals of leading premium and lifestyle brands has fostered a great understanding of social and culture diversities in business environments in Asia Pacific and beyond.