We offer Sports executives, Coaches and Medical staff insight to the overall evaluation of players. We combine fitness assessments and optimisation of training effectiveness to maintain health due to a consistent monitoring of the athletes training patterns. 

Our operating system (OS) and Dashboard is built on advanced analytical algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Support Vector Machine and Artificial Neural Networks designed to interface with wearables and sensors collecting the athletes' training and health data.

With evaluation of internal training load, tracking health problems, and monitoring the acute or chronic workload ratios in order to minimize injury risks from different stressors, we have addressed the Overtraining syndrome.

Combined with our Geometric Activity Performance Index (GAPI) and Dashboard you will be able to monitor how individually athletes react to external training factors and how that affects their physiological well-being, recovery time and more.

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Our GAPI is offering a quantitative and qualitative insight into both the individual player and to the Team itself. Our analysis will enable you to optimise game strategies, insure lower injury risk for players and through this Improve return on the significant investments.

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