Temporally fine-grained and objective measures of mental states or their surrogate states are desperately needed in clinical psychiatry. Considering, e.g., stress, both acute and especially chronic stress, we deal with an important mental and physiological state observed in many mental disorders.

It is a potential precipitant of acute psychiatric decompensation, be they anxious, affective, psychotic, or behavioural. Thus, being able to objectively follow stress or its surrogate parameters over time in a clinician-friendly way would help predict and prevent decompensation and monitor subsequent treatment success. 

We developed computational approach, encoded into CassiopéeMedical, that provides objective longitudinal measures of different neuro-pathologies using environmental non-disruptive body-attached sensing of behavioural data.

CassiopéeMedical provides among other such measures, e.g., Compound Spectral Stress Indices (CSSI), neuro-fingerprinting, fatigue recovery and reactivity indices among other measures. The system has also the ability to provide predictive assessments of various psychiatric states.