We supports health professionals facing tomorrow challenges with data-driven solutions that will allow a more patient-centric health care focus on prevention, diagnostics through wearables and sensors that improve acuity, improve efficiency and allow patient health and mental states to be monitored more effectively.

With our unique proprietary algorithms and operating system we are offering objective insight and longitudinal measurement of human stress and its severity. We use complex time-series of behavioural factors and posterior mathematical complexity analysis collected from wearable's or non-invasive integrated monitoring patches.

Our applied solutions such as the Compound Spectral Stress Indices (CSSI), Neuro-fingerprinting,  Fatigue recovery and reactivity indicies are constructed on artificial intelligence analysis that offer an objectively stress-monitoring on various neuro-pathologies, mental states on their surrogate parameters in a clinician-friendly way.

Our system has the ability to provide predictive assessments of various psychiatric states and prevent decompensation and monitor subsequent treatment success.