We enable our customers to deal with the increasing demand for sharing and collecting medical and health data. From our extensive working experiences and research in models and technologies we continue to strengthen our analytics abilities in dealing with large data and diagnostics providing our customers with unique and valuable indexing analyses and interpretations deliverables in optimizing training by professional sports manager, clinical R&D and development of medical equipment and better monitor treatment of patients.


We developed adaptive trainings load strategies according to the psychological state of athletes. Our computational ecosystem allows to integrate the evaluation of internal training load, tracking health problems, it allows to monitor the acute or chronic workload ratios in order to minimize injury risks. 

However,  these methods rely most of the time on one single parameter, without integrating the myriad different determinants and predictive indicators and signs of performance.

Our novel technologies, provide training monitoring  identifying parameters that are pertinent to track in order to evaluate the probability of health problems onset or  performance improvement.  Athletes react individually to external training load and feel differently about the internal physiological loads.

We introduce an approach to monitor athletic training patterns using Artificial Intelligence frameworks, applied to subjective yet consistent monitoring, in order to optimize training effectiveness, and to preserve health.

This approach is executed by CassiopéeSport computational ecosystem.